Harvest Buffet Located in Gun Lake Casino and Resort

The Harvest Buffet is a new casino from the Farmington Hills Resort and Casino, and was built by MGM. It is the fourth casino that MGM has built in Michigan and will open its doors in November.

harvest buffet gun lake casino

Harvest Buffets are similar to traditional casinos in that they have a casino floor, a game room, and an area to sit down and relax. The difference is that instead of playing cards or sitting in a corner eating peanuts you will be able to play video games and gamble your hard earned money at the same time. If you are looking for a casino that caters to a younger crowd and a casual environment then Harvest Buffet may be the perfect choice for you.

The Harvest Buffet Casino is located on the southwest corner of the casino complex, so that all guests can easily access the game room as well as the game tables. The dining options will allow you to enjoy fresh baked food, Italian foods, and Chinese food.

Another great part about the game room is that it has a pool table. This will help entertain any crowd, and especially if you do decide to eat in this area you will be able to enjoy the game room while you eat.

Although the Harvest Buffet is located on the west side of the casino, you will still be able to access the casino with ease, since there are plenty of handicapping services nearby. There are also plenty of video gaming machines. This casino will feature the largest video poker room in the area. It will be a great way to make money at this new casino, and if you do decide to gamble, you will be able to do so without having to worry about anyone watching your every move.

The Harvest Buffet is one of the newest casinos to be built on the grounds of the Gun Lake Casino and Resort. If you are looking for a casino that features a variety of games and entertaining entertainment, then the Harvest Buffet Casino is the perfect choice for you.

The Harvest Buffet will feature two game rooms, which is great because it will offer you a chance to test out a few different types of games before you decide which one you will like best. These two game rooms will include the Big Block game room, and the Texas Holdem game room.

There are also a number of gaming machines located throughout the game room. These include video poker machines, roulette tables, slot machines, blackjack, and roulette bonus machines.

The Harvest Buffet will offer a number of different packages to choose from when you take your family or friends to the Harvest Buffet. The Family Club includes unlimited play times for the entire family, free appetizers, a twenty-four hour food concession stand, and a free children’s party rental for up to two hours, and forty-five minutes.